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Senator Dodd at NALEO Presidential Forum

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Here are a few pictures from the National Association of Latino Elected Officials Presidential Forum in Orlando, Florida. I’ll have more for you tomorrow — I’m on my way back to Washington with the Senator now.

Senator Dodd at NALEO

Senator Dodd at NALEO

Senator Dodd at NALEO

Video: What Inspires Val McCall

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Val McCall is one of our most active volunteers in Connecticut. Recently, she helped coordinate forty volunteers to spend their Saturday sharing Barack's message outside of the UCC Convention in Hartford.

Val's son is active duty military and she has several other relatives who are in our armed services. For her, the war in Iraq is personal, and she believes Barack will bring the troops home.

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Video: What Inpsires Deborah Fordham

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Deborah Fordam has given several times to the campaign. She was inspired because of Barack's new vision for American foreign policy.

"Barack Obama would be an excellent representative to unite us with the world," she says. "Barack Obama had the courage, the fortitude, and the honesty to say that this war was wrong." 

"Change is not about doing something because it's popular," she says. "Change is about doing something because it's right."

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Video: What Inspires Teno Villarreal

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Teno Villareal of San Antoni, Texas is inspired. He believes Barack will bring about a health care system that brings affordable care to all.

When Teno was young, he was stricken with cancer and lost one of his kidneys. Ever since, he's been hit hard by insurance companies due to his "pre-existing condition." It's been difficult for him to get insurance, and thankfully he receives it from the company he works for. Yet, it's a small business, and as a result, the costs for his entire company are high. He's excited that Barack will fight to lower costs and ease the burden on people like himself.

"Change has to start somewhere, and every little bit counts," he says. "Ten bucks, five bucks… you know, everything helps."

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“This Is Someone I Could Vote For”

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Terry, from Plantation, Florida donated because she feels that she can actually vote for Barack – She's not forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

When I was younger, the only person I wanted to vote for was Bobby Kennedy. Recently, it's been the lesser of two evils. The minute I saw Obama speak, I thought "Oh man, this is someone I could vote for." He's really so different from everyone else. He talks to you and he's so honest. You don't get that in politics anymore, at least in my lifetime. It's more than charisma – it comes form honesty rather than a polished line. And I've never seen him in person. I've hear in person he's even more compelling.

I've originally from Brooklyn. We can spot bull a mile away – and this man doesn't have any in him.

He also has this ability to go past the boundary that everyone else seems to make. He can talk to someone who you might consider an enemy. The only way to get out of this war is to get all the parties talking and I think that he's the only who could do that.

Domestically, I think everyone is concerned about trade agreements – CAFTA – he voted against that. It's so important for the workers that are losing their jobs –Barack would be for the people, he's not for the big businesses.

Healthcare is another thing. We just changed our healthcare provider at work, I work for the city of Plantation, but I have a co-worker whose son is battling cancer. Besides making her crazy that she may be losing her son, she's had to fight with this new provider. Less and less is being provided to take care of people's health.

I believe most Americans, are sick of politicians, canned speeches, rehearsed sound-bites. I see in him the same integrity of character as Bobby Kennedy.

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