GOP Shying away from CNN YouTube debate

Color me unsurprised. I can’t think of much to be gained by taking questions from voters who give the current administration a 25% approval rating. There’s plenty of fodder for the question mill, and damn few of them are easy lobs that candidates can use to spring into canned talking point speeches. Paul and McCain accepted. The rest?  


The fact that the GOP candidates don’t want to answer the voters says a lot. Mostly, that all their platitudes about how much they care for the Average Joe is unadulterated bull. They aren’t running for you, folks.  

Now, if YouTube took videos from corporations…

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8 Responses to “GOP Shying away from CNN YouTube debate”

  1. manapp99 Says:

    Like the Dems not doing a Fox debate. In spite of the fact that fox viewer numbers beat CNN. I suppose it only fit that the Dems don’t want to be seen by that many viewers. At least on CNN they know no one is watching.

  2. Chell Says:

    Well, there’s still a chance such a debate could happen. Politicians seem to have a herd mentality, so if they see others accepting the invite… or maybe they’ll feel enough pressure from the American public they count on for votes. It’s wrong, though, that they aren’t more willing to answer (<i>really</i> answer, not skate around) questions from "lowly" citizens.

  3. windspike Says:

    man do you have numbers to back your claims?  what can you tell us to convince us that Fox is "fair and balanced?" How many hits do you think a youtube video gets if it’s popular?  True enough, if you examine the audiences the the W, and his friends stand in front of, it looks mainly like they enjoy preaching to the choir, no? 

  4. byshop Says:

    Here’s some info on the viewership in question.
    As for the debate itself,
    CNN 2.8 Million
    CNN/YOUTUBE 2.6 Million
    MSNBC 2.3 Million
    Fox 0
    Speaking of afraid of being seen, how did the Republican NAACP debate go?

  5. emmet Says:

    Just like Jet isn’t fair and balanced.  Can’t handle the truth or freedom of speech.  How sad!

  6. manapp99 Says:

    Test Post

  7. manapp99 Says:

    I don’t seem to be able to post with a link. Go to mediabistro and see the numbers. Fox reruns of Bill O at 11 beat anything CNN or MSNBC or Headline news does in prime time.

  8. byshop Says:


    Read the article and it explains why ratings don’t translate exactly to viewership.

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