Ron Paul — If I Were a Betting Man . . .

I would start looking heavily at laying my chips down on Ron Paul. It appears that Ron Paul’s odds of becoming the next President of the United States have been slashed from 15 to 1 to 8 to 1 following this weekend’s Republican debate in Iowa and some extensive mainstream coverage and sound bytes.

I guess taking a strong stance on Internet Neutrality and voting against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act goes a long way with freedom loving Americans that love their Internets “government free.”

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  1. Jet Netwal Says:

    That big of a jump while the MSM misreported his immigration position? Pretty good. If Paul got the nod, we’d have a real election, with two strong, very different candidates to choose from. That’d be refreshing.

  2. Jim Palasty Says:

    Not only do I think Ron Paul should get the nod, and the election, but imagine how amazing this country could be if they had a cross-party ticket.
    My dream would be Gore/Paul or Paul/Obama
    This could be the best way to start mending the differences in the political parties, and maybe start moving forward as opposed to the constant “cockblocking” that we have to deal with now.
    Just my opinion :)

  3. steve Says:

    Fred vs. Hillary… Fred wins 46 to 44, 9% goes to Nader and Bloomber, end of story.

  4. Luke Says:

    This is fantastic news, the best I’ve heard all day in fact. I am curious about something though, I’ve not heard Ron ever mention Peak Oil before. Does anyone know if he’s spoken about this?

  5. A. Magnus Says:

    How about a Ron Paul/Mike Gravel national unity ticket? Both men are straight shooters and stronger constitutionalists than the current crop of Rudy McRomney/Hillary ObamaWards are.

  6. Sharpinchitown Says:

    To Jim Palasty - you can’t put a constitutionalist with Obama, who is for big government and is in bed already with corporate America. Obama is just like all the rest.

    The only oned that care about U.S. SOVEREIGNTY is Ron Paul and Mike Gravel.

  7. zipp Says:

    I wish Ron would win but it will never happen. Not only will his positions never get coverage, even if he did get the nomination, his votes would never be counted, you guys know that, come on, the powers that be will never let it happen. Diebold can see to that!!…they have twice already.

  8. dufflepud Says:

    Here is a snip from
    Before the U.S. House of Representatives, April 5, 2006:

    The theory and significance of “peak oil” is believed to be an additional motivating factor for the U.S. and Great Britain wanting to maintain firm control over the oil supplies in the Middle East.

    Fear of China and Russia moving into this region to assume more control alarms those who don’t understand how a free market can develop substitutes to replace diminishing resources.

  9. Pablo Says:

    We do not have a real democracy, having two parties that are exactly alike is not democracy. People make fun of Italian politics, they have 100 political parties, they have communists and fascists in the government. Yeah but that is true democracy, choose who best represents you, not a choice between two evils, like we have. Also Obama sold out.

  10. Bingbataboom Says:

    I can guarantee that the democrat nominee would prefer to face one of the Repubican dwarves instead of RON PAUL. Paul’s reasoned stance on the disaster in IRAQ gives the real voters the alternative they are searching for.

    Regardless of the outcome of the corrupt controlled two party primary farce, RON PAUL is a name that is easily spelled and gives a huge number of Americans a reason to write in the candidate they really want!

  11. Pablo Says:

    We are not allowed to write in candidates, I assume you have never voted before Bingbataboom.

  12. Says:

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet everything I have that, if it looks like Ron Paul might win the nomination, he will get Wellstone’d. Our Zionist masters will not allow any threat to their control over their cash cown/golden goose (aka American Gentiles).

  13. kevincannell Says:

    It’s great that Dr. Paul is getting some main street media coverage. But we as supporters and Americans need to help him as well. I have been carrying some of his bios with me when I go out. I give them to everyone I see. I keep them here at my store and give them to people when they come in. The guy across the street has been doing the same thing and I think it really works.

  14. Leiif Says:

    Obama has sold out to “The Powers That Be”. Clinton is one of them and forget the Ghouliani. There are really only 2 candidates worth considering and they would make a GREAT cross party ticket. Paul/Gravel 08.

  15. Leiif Says:

    Mind you I am not 100% behind either of them but 90+% is better than I have seen in a loooong, loooooooong time.

  16. bg Says:

    a ron paul (esque) platform can do nothing but help this nation.

  17. rxgary Says:

    look the whole campaign could be done on the cheap, you could call the new party the purple party where red and blue come back together, you get paul and gravel ticket and pick up candidates who agree with their views and enter every congresional seat and all open senate seats.
    then you take to the streets giving away purple t shirts with all the affiliated candidates who are in the new party, and print outs of what they stand for.when the elections get here, everyone who wants paul and gravel and their affiliated candidates for congress and senate seats wear their purple shirts to vote in, it will be very hard for media and dems and gop to try and spin their 51 to 49 baloney when nearly 8 out of 10 voters are wearing purple. simple ideas can defeat fascism, this has been my idea for years, someone please go with it, i have millions more

  18. Sensible Says:

    Well, I just had a brain-fart…but a good one!
    Since almost no one with any sense “trusts” the accuracy of those electronic voting machines, why don’t we put in an effective (yet simple) backup plan to verify the outcome of the Presidential election. This plan unfortunately “cannot” be hacked…so it should be pretty accurate.
    We will require a trusted volunteer at every election place, and a 3×5 index card for each voter.
    Upon completion of voting using the “hacked” electronic machine, each individual who voted takes a few extra minutes to walk outside to the trusted volunteer. They then fill out a 3×5 index card with the following information:
    1 - The name of the Presidential candidate they voted for.
    2 - The name and address of the person voting.
    3 - The 5th number of their Social Security #…(worthless by itself, but easily verifiable if required)
    4 - The state and district they are voting from.

    The trusted volunteer will collect all these index cards, separating them by Candidate and place then into boxes. They will then be taken to the volunteer’s house, or placed in a local church (with their permission).
    After the election, if the results are fishy…we have a solid paper trail that can be counted by a team of volunteers and compared against the electronic votes. If the results are then determined to be “grossly innacurate”…we have enough info to verify that “real people” voted one way, but the machines voted a different way. (Which seems to just “happen” for some reason…)

    Also, we can pay the trusted volunteer for his/her time and effort. Everyone who fills out an index card can make a small donation of 25 cents to the volunteer. This should equal anywhere from 50.00 to a couple hundred…depending on turnout. Not a bad job for one day !!!

    Please distribute this idea freely to anyplace you would like. Plaster it all over the internet. I would enjoy reading it on many sites…that will be reward enough for me. I just want the satisfaction of knowing the votes are counted accurately!
    BTW - A copy of this e-mail has been sent to the website already.

  19. michael mazur Says:

    Some people have made the interesting suggestion that there be a cross party Paul/Gravel ticket for 08.

    As a foreigner, i seem to remember that when JFK was assassinated LBJ escalated the Vietnam war, also the proposed currency issuing reforms lapsed, much to the relief of the Federal Reserve and Israel got its nukes.

    When Reagan was very nearly assassinated it would have been Vice President Bush who would have succeeded him. In the end he got to be prez anyway and then we had Gulf War I.

    So, because Gravel is an honest man, it could well turn out to be a - Paul/Gravel ticket - as Ron Paul would never need wonder if Gravel were harbouring the ultimate ambition.

  20. Ralph Says:

    Two thoughts: 1) Yes, definitely Paul / Gravel! I’ve been thinking of this for months.

    2) It seems to me that everyone interested in challenging the Corporate Elite in the USA needs to form an alliance whether they be Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Progressive or completely independent, including those Democrats & Republicans who have come to realize that citizen-based Democracy is dead & gone in those 2 Parties. We don’t need another marginilized 3rd Party. We need a wide alliance of citizens to reclaim the Constitution, Call it the “American Citizens Alliance” or whatever. Make it as inclusive as possible because relying on one person (Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, et. al.) isn’t gonna fly. The Corporate Elite, via their media whores, can easily disparage, condemn, ignore, or eliminate one strong opponent. But it will be more difficult with millions of strong opponents.

  21. Erik Says:

    Everyone here has put forth wonderful ideas and a cross party ticket of Paul/Gravel is dynamite, especially because it would be a great way to bring the subject of campaign (finance) reform to the forefront again. The only way any legit candidates will have a chance of winning now and in the future is if we demand and install major changes in our political campaigns. This 08 Presidential campaign will take over 18 months and cost a projected 100 million to win, that is ridiculous.

  22. JASSAT Says:

    americans should vote with their brains and not be be fooled by propaganda from an administration that has failed. voting for ron paul will not hand power to terrorists. it takes the “terrorist” out of the picture ( bush and his kind ). it will cap the violence in the middle east and will succeed in restraining the israilis. americans will be safer overseas, but threats from within and terror acts from within may continue.but a loyal and honest security service will secure those threats too. good luck from South Africa

  23. Hank Says:

    Free Ron Paul bumper stickers!

  24. Trisha Says:

    I figure if the online polls were counted offline then Ron Paul would have already won and pushed that lying scumbag crypto jewish supremacist closet talmudic zionist satanic Bush out of scene for good.

    Ron Paul is definitely an intelligent family man that has the americans best interest in his heart.How refreshing to think we can have a president who is freeing us from this almost communist government.

    There is definitely more of us than them and they better start brining this country back to we the people.

    The latest evil zionist/globalist schemes that I see, are aired on YOU TUBE.

    All of a sudden today there is a bunch of videos that are racist propaganda(a tool they are using to further incite racial tension/violence in this country) to divide this nation during these presidential campaign-any other tine they are flagged and removed from You Tube due to racism(I tried to flag several of them as hate speech when they WERE talking about killing other races and derogatory names,but I could not flag them like I had in the past)–I think they are meant to be there on purpose by (in my opinion) zionist paid companies such as you-tube.I am sure they have disabled flagging the hate videos/comments until they get enough complaints to force their hand.But their presidential campaign is more importants than censorship during this cruical time. They will most likely create other race hate sites to keep the nation divided and then pass it off as a white or black supremacists work.They know many races of people watch YOU TUBE and this is their tool.

    They also have videos on “poverty stricken mexicans” living on the border.The videos looked like they had no different living conditions than some poor americans.I feel bad for them but Americans need to be taken care of first.Illegal immigration and hand outs,along with the war has gotten us into such an enormous deficit.

    The plan of the globalists is to make the economy crash.This will allow them to connect the dots completely with their connections worldwide and enforce a NWO with a zionist supremacist leader or puppet.While they make us more of their slaves(all races/their Talmud says all non jews are animals no matter what race they are) every day with their constitutional amendments,gun control,welfare state,etc.,etc.and take away our very human rights to even eat the healthy food we want(they genetically modify crops and spray viruses on luncheon meats,etc.),and have alternative herbal medicine if we like without being forced to take potentially dangerous traditional medication which is pushed through the FDA by big pharma(their goal is to keep us sick so they stay healthy and rich,we are more manageable to them this way).Ron paul agrees we can eat and take the herbs/medicine we want in our OWN bodies.

    He allows us to be human and not jerked around by a collar around our necks like the globalists are doing and want to continue to do.

    Noone is believing them anymore.We have to let them know we the people call the shots as a whole,not them.

    May God be with Ron Paul.A refreshing reprieve-Freedom for at least the next 4-8 years!

    Paul Paul is a very big threat to their beast system of lies,deceit and

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