In Case You Missed It - Vote Swapping Legal

Remember back in 2000 when Ralph Nader helped destroy America by siphoning votes away from Al Gore? Thanks Ralph - good job. I’m not bitter or anything. My therapist even told me that. Sorry I digress. Wanted I wanted to talk about was the vote swapping phenomenon that popped up during the Nader run for office. Remember vote swapping? When people realized that a vote for Nader might cost him an election in a swing state like, oh, Florida or something hooked up on line with someone in a state that wasn’t in play and agreed to trade a vote for Al for a vote for Ralph. That way everyone was happy and we didn’t end up with a buffoon in office.

Damn, sorry about that, I did it again.

It was a fine idea until Bill Jones, California Secretary of State in 2000, decided that vote swapping was un-American (unlike vote buying, which as any observer of modern politics knows, is perfectly American) and threatened to sue websites that helped facilitate the political hookups.

Glad to see Bill was on the job. Nice one!

Well, those activists in the court system have helped thwart Bill Jones and his limited way of thinking, Last week the U.S. 9th Circuit Appeals Court ruled that it wasn’t illegal to swap votes in this country. What two individuals decide to do in the privacy of their voting booths is up to them it seems. Now, sites like (or 2008 as the case may be) should be allowed to flourish unmolested by “politicians concerned about democracy.”

If you’re sick of the two party system, but even more afraid of not voting for a mainstream candidate in fear of another Dubya, then this is exactly the kind of news that should thrill you. Third parties have almost no shot in this country as it stands now. The rules are rigged to favor the big vote getters, and it’s way to scary to throw your vote away these days. Now, you can vote your conscience and pragmatically at the same time. Down the road, it should help strengthen the 3rd party base enough to provide some real competition to the current two parties.

And that my friends is something we should all support.

(hat tip to Campaigns & Elections)

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  1. Jersey McJones Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with it or illegal about it. It’s a matter of personal conscience. Being a Floridian now, I intend to do exactly just that. Just the same, as far as I recall, Nader did not cost Al Gore one single solitary electoral vote.


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