McCain so desperate, he qualifies for public funds.

Damn shame McCain, I say with snark and zeal…from Politico:

John McCain on Tuesday became the first 2008 presidential candidate to be found eligible to receive taxpayer dollars for the primary election.

McCain’s application and qualification for the funds are likely to be interpreted by opponents as a sign of desperation, even though it does not lock him into the public financing system.

The Arizona senator has lagged behind the Republican front-runners in the polls and in fundraising. Participating in the public financing system would allow him to get an infusion of loans by borrowing against the promise of taxpayer dollars.

But the system is a trade-off, since it would also cap at about $50 million the amount of cash his campaign can spend during the primary – a limitation that would go into effect immediately.

More bad news for Johnny at the link above.

2 Responses to “McCain so desperate, he qualifies for public funds.”

  1. tos Says:

    Maybe he should hit up China for some contributions.

  2. Dusty Says:

    Nah, King George has tapped that cash cow Tos :P

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