I Have A New Job And I Need Your Help

Hello everyone. How’s everybody been lately? I know I haven’t been around much the last few weeks but I have a good reason. I’m now neck deep in a political campaign. I’ve recently accepted a position as the Netroots Coordinator for Alan Grayson’s bid to represent Florida’s 8th District in the House of Representatives.

Who is Alan Grayson and why do you care? Well, even if you don’t live in Florida (and knowing who a lot of you are you don’t) you’ll still care about him. See, Alan is the guy you have heard about on the news (such as this months Vanity Fair) because he is taking War Profiteers to court for stealing from the American tax payer. He is, as Vanity Fair described him “a crusader against government-contractor fraud.” And brother, is there ever a lot of fraud to crusade against. He is quite simply doing what we all dream we could do - holding Haliburton and other contractors accountable.

See? I told you you would care.

If that was the extent of Alan’s credentials, I might have worked for him anyhow. Fighting the fight against corruption is a major selling point. Luckily, that isn’t the end of the story. Unlike many other candidates running for the Florida 8th, Alan is actually a progressive. Not an opportunist, not person looking for a promotion, but someone who shares OUR values and works hard to carry them out. He’s a “good” democrat in a state all too often saddled with Republican Lite. He’s the kind of guy we need in Washington. He doesn’t NEED this job. He’s serving because he has talent we can use; he’ll take a massive pay cut to share it with us. Civil service. What a concept.

I’m not saying that because I volunteered. I volunteered because I can say that. It’s such a refreshing change.

So why am I telling you all this? A few reasons actually. First and foremost over the last 3 years I think we have developed a bit of trust with each other. To not tell you that I was working on a campaign would violate that trust. Second, because Alan deserves to have people talk about him. We are in one of the few competitive districts in the country. The incumbent, Ric “Mr. Fast Food” Keller, is vulnerable and we need that seat. This week’s defeat over Children’s Healthcare should make that brutally obvious.

You and I both know that all Congressional elections are national elections these days. We all need to help win anywhere we can. We can win here. We need to win here.

Let me be honest with you, I need your help. I have no idea what a “Netroots Coordinator” is. I’m not a politico and never claimed to be. I’m just a guy who knows right from wrong and is willing to write about it. What I don’t know about politics could fill a library.

Yet, even with the lack of experience I know that over the last 3 years we have made a difference. We have found our voice and have helped change “business as usual.” We have a chance to take the next step and help a man who walks our talk. I need your help to make that happen.
None of us pays taxes because we want our hard earned dollars wasted. Nobody who reads this blog likes corruption, enjoys being lied to, or thinks that more of the same is a recipe for a healthier American political system. Over the course of this campaign, I hope you’ll avoid taking the easy route of following talking points, and take something greater from the blog entries I post here about my experiences. Like you, I’m a guy with an ideal in my heart about what my country can and should be. Like you, I’m sick of old-school old rules politics. I’m ready for some honesty in my political landscape, I’ve found a candidate I believe in, and I’m doing it. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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  1. steve Says:

    Yeah well… I am getting an “Orange Box” on Tuesday. I’ll see you there… I got the day off. Settle this liberal/conservative thing once and for all.

    Good Luck!

  2. Jersey McJones Says:

    You’re in the 8th? Huh. I’m right next door in the 5th! The 8th is one messy pile of demographics. The 5th is mostly rural - and very Red. We’re stuck with Ginny Brown-Waite, the flag-waving, veteran-patranizing, pusher of the hot-button feax-issues for the elderly (and hyphens). Fortunately she’s becoming less and less popular with the decline of Bush, her lord and master. Her stand against the SCHIP bill did not play well here on the Nature Coast. Hopefully, Karen Thurman will jump in. We shall see.

    Good luck over there. I have a vested interest in that District. My wife works there.


  3. Liberal Jarhead Says:

    Good luck! We’ll look forward to hearing about your experience. Sounds as if you’ve found a rare candidate to back. What you wrote about fighting war profiteering sounds like what Harry Truman was doing during WW2 before FDR tapped him to be the VP for his last term. It’s become all too uncommon for our elected representatives to take the phrase ‘public servant’ literally. How much does Grayson have in common with Dennis Kucinich, in terms of positions and policies?

  4. manapp99 Says:

    Even though I come from the other side of the political aisle, I applaud your working for a candidate. I am sure it will be a tremendous learning experience and you are doing something to further your convictions. For your sake I hope your candidate wins the primary.
    However I feel it is bad for the country to have the Dems increase their lead in the House so I will have to pull against your guy in the general. I am looking forward to your tales from inside a campaign. I sure it will be fascinating.

    A little OT but KBR is no longer a subsidiary of Halliburton. They are now a stand alone construction company as of last April.

  5. Jersey McJones Says:

    If you go to Google Blog Search and key “Florida 5th District,” for example, you’ll get blogs interested in your area. Some of them are important constiuent interest sites. I’d go hunting around in them, look at their issues and finding likeminded folks to work with and spread the word.

    Florida Land Use Law - http://flalandlaw.blogspot.com/

    I found this with that aforementioned key.

    I’d search the counties, and the big towns (Ocala, etc). I don’t think you’d be allowed to solicit in public sector sites, but the interest groups - unions, market sectors, recreational and tourist interests, contractors, should be okay.

    Just the same, searching - but not engaging - the public blog sites can keep you up-to-date on public sector concerns, and head off news before it even hots the presses.

    I assume he has a separate site for his campaign. I’d get with whatever service he’s using (or tech guys, God forbid ;) ) and see what they can do to boost his net presense.

    Oh, and I hate to say it - but anything about your opponent that’s fair game - get it out to the concerned constituents - just keep it to non-public sector sites.


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