Fox - GOP Debate Questions

Well, Fox is hosting yet another pointless GOP debate tonight. I think I’d rather watch the Steelers/Broncos game. The 2-3 Broncos are coming in hungry, but the 4-1 Steelers are not no breadline. Should be pretty good - or boring.

Speaking of boring, I wonder what sort of inane questions Fox is going dream up for the GOP candidates.

Here’s ten suggestions…

1) On the “Death Tax” - will it be retroactive and if so, how would you inform the dead taxpayers of their refunds?

2) On “The Surge” - will the surge be over and “victory” declared in Iraq by October, 2008?

3) On “The Fairness Doctrine” - can you beat this thing, or will you have to wait for it to actually come up on the Hill?

4) On “Family Values” - will you now promise that no pregnant ten year old will be allowed to have an abortion without her parents’ consent?

5) On “The War on Terror” - if the Musharraf government topples to an Islamist theocracy, will you now pledge to bomb Iran in retaliation?

6) On the “Nuclear Option” - should the Nuclear Option remain on the table in our dealings with Fiji?

7) On “Activists Judges” - will you now promise to appoint truly constructionist judges, that is to say judges who adhere only to the real Constitution and not any of those crazy, liberal Amendments?

8) On “Guantanamo” - should the “terrorist enemy combatants” remain at Gitmo, or be released on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg?

9) On “fiscal conservatism” - will you swear not to raise taxes no matter what happens ever, no matter what, here and now, under the auspices of God, even if the deficit spirals completely out of control, even if the war in Iraq worsens and expands, even if the value of the dollar sinks below the valuation of the Fijian currency, even if your wife threatens to leave you (well, not you, Giuliani), even if Jack Bauer himself threatens to kill you and your entire extended family… ?

10) On “evolution” - with this new “superbug” threatening to kill millions, will you now pledge to eliminate funding for the scientific investigation of the bacterial evolutionary development and instead look at ways to treat the disease with adult stem cells?

Bonus question:  On NFL Week 7 - Steelers v Broncos, great timing for a “debate” - huh?


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  1. Sunshine Says:

    I would like to see a debate about the decline in our economy and how the next president will attack this issue and our imminent recession. What will he/she do to re-establish a balanced economy?

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