The Scummy Side Of Politics

One of my jobs as Netroots Coordinator for the Grayson campaign is to search the Net for mentions of the candidate and his competition. I have to say for the most part it’s been rewarding, most of the mentions have been very supportive. Occasionally however you run across nonsense that makes you want to smack someone. That’s how I felt this morning when I stumbled across this tripe from written by Jeff Poor at Newsbusters that Right Winged purveyor of sleaze and nonsense.

Maybe it just slipped his mind, but maybe not.

CBS Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian neglected to mention that the “attorney” he interviewed for the October 17 “Evening News” was also running as a Democrat for Congress.

Keteyian piled on military food contractors by relying on a Democratic Congressional Candidate Alan Grayson as an expert when he reported on a federal fraud probe in the military’s food-supply operations.

Grayson has “filed dozens of lawsuits against military contractors,” including one against the company Public Warehousing – a company Keteyian focused on for overcharging the Army.

The interview setting looked more like a campaign commercial, with a waterfall in the background that should include the disclaimer “My Name is Alan Grayson and I approved this message.”

Grayson ran for Congress in Florida’s 8th Congressional District as a Democrat in 2006 and his Web site now states that “we are in the process of re-vamping our website for the 2008 race,” a key element that would have given the viewer a sense of his motives.

Well let me see here. Alan is indeed an attorney, so putting that in quotes is just stupid. Maybe If I put “journalist” in quotes around Mr. Poor’s name it might be appropriate, but not Alan’s credentials. That’s just absurd.

Second, Alan is an expert on this subject. Long before thoughts of a congressional run to help the residents in Florida’s 8th district, Alan was fighting corruption by government contractors looking to steal from the American tax payer. He has over 16 years of experience in the field. He has brought suit against several of the most egregious violators in the Iraq War (yeah I’m looking at you Haliburton) and has stuck up for Whistle blowers his entire career. Expert is exactly what I would call him. Who would be better for CBS to ask? Dick Cheney??

Accusing CBS of some underhanded doings is just absurd. Trust me, I wish they had mentioned Alan’s bid for the US House. You can’t buy that kind of positive national exposure. But no matter how badly I would have liked it, CBS wisely left that out of the story. They were reporting on their story, not being a publicity whore for the Democratic Party. Unlike Fox, journalism and fluff aren’t the same thing at CBS.

Isn’t it funny how a group like Newsbusters, can twist the correct decision it into “media-bias.” I guess facts and honesty are part of the “vast left-winged conspiracy”

Not that I’m surprised. The whole spin was an attempt to discredit the story by throwing some ridiculous red-herring out there. Why worry about massive fraud when you can pick on some inconsequential fact. It is the classic ad-homonym attack that passes for reasoned political insight these days. Why discuss the issue when you can just throw some mud?

I guess I should take heart. The work Alan is doing to fight War Profiteers is starting to worry people. It looks like our “friends” are scared of Alan. They should be. Eventually the truth wins out. I expect the attacks to pick up steam in the near future. I guess that’s a compliment though isn’t it? The more afraid they are, the more confident I am that Alan is the right man. Bring it On!

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  1. steve Says:

    Politics aside… it would be awesome if this guy gets elected because of your hard work.

  2. Liberal Jarhead Says:

    Yeah, he sounds like someone who could do a lot of good. As for working against corruption and profiteering, that’s what Harry Truman was doing before FDR tapped him to be his last VP, and Harry didn’t end up doing so badly. Funny how some people can take working to protect the taxpayers and the troops and try to make it sound like a bad thing.

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