Hillary hearts NAFTA.

David Sirota has a piece up about Hillary’s position on NAFTA and the new NAFTA expansion the Senate will vote on next week. He made a YouTube vid of her response last night in the latest round of Presidential debates held on CNN.

Hillary is a DINO for the most part. She is a Rethug in Democratic clothing on many of the important issues. NAFTA expansion is one of THE most important domestic issues facing us today. NAFTA has affected our workforce as no other bill passed by our congress ever has in the last decade or so.. imho.His article about her position is here. Its short and sweet, so let me give it to ya now:

Really, what an offensive statement Clinton made to the millions of American and Mexican workers who lost their jobs and saw their wages destroyed thanks to NAFTA - a deal pushed by the Clinton administration (for some more data on NAFTA, see this report from the Economic Policy Institute). You want to talk about showing how utterly out of touch you are, that’s how you do it - you laugh and say you barely remember the debate over the very trade deal that is destroying America’s middle class. And then after you stop laughing, you go to the Senate floor to vote to expand NAFTA, as Clinton says says she is going to in the next few weeks.

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