Clinton-Obama: Now This Is Getting Ugly

Ah it seems as if our fair Hillary has employed the Swift Boat protocol against Senator Obama.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A high-ranking advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said Wednesday that rival Barack Obama’s public admission that he has used cocaine and marijuana could seriously hinder the Illinois senator’s chances of winning a general election matchup.

As if Hillary’s marriage to Bill would be any less of a hindrance? Or the fact that she isn’t well liked? Perhaps her empty-souled political answers might get in the way as well? Trust me, I wish her only problem was a history of doing blow. This nation already elected a guy with a history of that and that turned out …. hmm on second thought…

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  1. rube cretin Says:

    very interesting tom. your last paragraph came across as implying bill is a problem for Hillary. That she is a soulless person who works from purely political considerations, and she is not likable. would you care to elaborate? she is not my first choice, but everything i read indicates you may be mistaken. look she has a good chance of being the nominee and i am trying to look at her in a more positive way, the entire team of republican candidates are totally unacceptable to me. did you watch the debate yesterday. i have never witnessed such pandering to the rich and bigoted in our country.

  2. Tom Baker Says:

    Remember this is in context of her staff saying that Obama snorting coke years ago would be used by the GOP as a negative and would be negative in a general election. You do not have to be Karl Rove to know that her life and her personality are no less negative when it comes to their spin. What I laid out is exactly what they will say - and many people honestly feel that way. I’ve watched her speak in person. She’s polished to the hilt but people still wondered about the sincerity of the message. Her husband will be a huge boon to GOP attack ads (though Bill is the MAN!) We have to be honest about that.

    I think it boils down to those who live in glass houses shouldn’t run around naked or something like that….

  3. rube cretin Says:

    damn i had a good response to you but lost it. i will try again. first please list for me the list of leading repugs. who have admitted using cocaine and other illegal drugs. romney? Juii-anne? huck? of course it will be a very big issue in the general! what is it about her life and personality which will be spun. hell, Star spent 63 million trying to find something on her and all he found was that she had an unfaithful husband and she chose to stand by him. there are lots of ladies who have experienced this, and i really don’t think they will appreciate being criticized for it. do you really believe voters will hold this against her. You admit she is “polished to the hilt”. what does that mean? she is smart, informed, articulate, and just a little sexy to this old man. (forgive me ladies). one thing i can tell you, the woman is a fighter. putting this issue out there is a consideration which ought to be made. this ain’t horseshoes.

  4. Tom Baker Says:

    Well I agree that she is all those things, but to many people she is shrill, calculating polarizing and unlikeable. She may very well win, she may be a great president. I’d vote for her over the repubs, but she is what she is. Politics as usual, minus the penis.

  5. rube cretin Says:

    “minus the penis”? yes. but, tell me which of the boys on either side has a larger set of balls? you can hear them clanging where ever she goes! (forgive, sometimes i get mixed up on the metaphors, and the literal vs. figurative things.)

  6. rube cretin Says:

    tom, one other thing.

    this morning early i read on this site the latest missive from Daniel on the mathew murray incident. i must say this is the most authentic piece of writing i have read this past year. yet i notice no one seems to be looking at it. Read it and see if we can at least agree that Daniels essay is not one of the best you have ever read.

  7. rube cretin Says:

    please delete the word ‘not” from the last sentence of my last transmission. ( been up since 3:00 am and the coffee is making me jumpy. think i will have a beer.)

  8. Tom Baker Says:

    I will Rube. Daniel is a fantastic writer and we are happy to have him here as one of our contributors. He often brings much needed insights to issues. (that goes for everyone else too - our writers Rock).

  9. Lisa Says:

    please list for me the list of leading repugs. who have admitted using cocaine and other illegal drugs. Romney? Juii-anne? Huck? of course it will be a very big issue in the general!

    Rube it wasn’t about them ,it was about Hillary being her nasty self to make sure the message gets out about Obama.
    She has a good chance because she’s a good campaigner,has lots of money, Is involved with Media Matters, and has Bill. Other than that she has nada.

  10. steve Says:

    This blog reminds me of a bunch of teenagers…

    Who is sleeping with who? Who is doing what drug? What did he or she say? Look what she is saying about him. Look what he is saying about her.

    Ever stop to think who gives a shit?

  11. Tom Baker Says:

    Well it’s a blog, not the New York Times.

    Someone gives a shit - you keep showing up.

    What the hell else is politics other than “what did he say about so and so?”

  12. manapp99 Says:

    I have been hearing rumors on the talk radio that the Clinton camp has some “bombshell” on Obama. I wonder if the drug thing is it? The interesting thing is that this info would not hurt O as much in the primaries as in the general. This is looking a little like a scorched earth policy by Clinton. Perhaps she feels that if she can’t get elected she would be better off with a Republican that she can attack for four years and try again in 2012.
    Perhaps it is just the same politics of personal destruction the Clintons practiced in the 90’s when confronted with crisis. Her team is filled with Clinton holdovers (including the big guy himself) so this might be it. I don’t for a minute think that she thinks this thing is lost, and the polls still have her leading or in second so I don’t think she is “all in” with her chips, but it does seem that her camp is acting more depesperate than need be and they have to realize that any dirt she exposes would be used against O if he wins hurting the Dems in the general. If this is happening at just the beginning of the primaries this is likely to be one hell of an entertaining election ahead.

  13. rube cretin Says:

    “good campaigner,h as lots of money, Is involved with Media Matters, and has Bill. ” that just might be 4 aces. sure the repubs will try to introduce a joker because many of their constitutes are of that color.


    sorry, i did not know you were so sensitive.

  14. Lisa Says:

    Well Rube the republicans have 8 candidates and the dems only have one so what are your choices really?

  15. rube cretin Says:

    mana…”same politics of personal destruction the Clintons practiced in the 90’s when confronted with crisis.” just which crisis and act of personal distruction are you referring?

    No, i think what you have here is a very focused campaign to win the presidency. if obama needs to be bitched slapped for her to win, she will, especially if she knows the repubs will use it later. and if there is some other “bombshell” out there obama better get ready, because she will use it. i suggest republicans pay attention, this lady is very focused and all the noise you are hearing is just talk radio and MSM trying to make a race out of it and pick the winner themselves. watch tweety and the other pundits. i don’t know about talk radio. i only listen to NPR.

  16. manapp99 Says:

    Rube, how about the firing of the Travel office staff by Mrs Clinton followed by attacks on Billy Dale the head of that office? There there was the attacks on Gennifer Flowers, before Bill admited to an affair, the attacks on Paula, Kathleen and Monica? Hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on Independent counsel Joe Degenova? Here is a link to many of these attacks.

    From the article about DiGenova:

    “In a recent appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, former independent counsel Joseph DiGenova charged the Clinton administration with hiring private investigators Jack Palladino and Terry Lenzner to dig for dirt on him and his attorney wife. The allegation drew a sharp response from White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, “We don’t retain private investigators to go snoop around about prosecutors, reporters or Joe DiGenova.”

    But change is the object of spin. The next day, McCurry felt compelled to amend his previous statement. He confirmed that Lenzner was hired by the law firm of Williams & Connolly, which represents Bill Clinton in the Paula Corbin Jones sexual-harassment case. “There is a whole big difference between doing legwork on behalf of attorneys … vs. digging up dirt on people’s private lives,” declared the vacillating McCurry.

    The pattern of “rolling disclosure” evidenced in this case is reminiscent of nearly every scandal involving the Clinton administration. Democratic campaign consultant James Carville may have explained the strategy back in 1984 when he said, “The whole tide of history has shown us that if you lie loud enough and long enough that, no matter how ludicrous the lie is, people will believe it.”

    That is just the beginning. Do you really not remember or just wish not to? The clintons have always tried to destroy their “detractors” Hillary is paranoid. Just look at her “right wing conspricy” comments.

    Do you feel that NPR is less biased than other talk radio?

  17. Dusty Says:

    Lisa, your so delusional its sad. I do not plan to vote for the female, even if she is the party candidate. I do not know of anyone that is supporting her. NO ONE. Progressives do not support a DINO.

  18. Jet Netwal Says:

    I’d just like to note that anybody 60 and under is probably not all that alarmed by minor drug experimentation during one’s youth. Benn there, done, that, etc. I don’t think it hurts Obama, and it makes Hil, well, shrill.

  19. Lisa Says:

    look she has a good chance of being the nominee and i am trying to look at her in a more positive way, the entire team of republican candidates are totally unacceptable to me

    Dusty I guess you missed Rube’s comment.

  20. Dusty Says:

    Her numbers are going down not up Lisa. I don’t know rube, nor his politics..although he can vote for whomever he bothers me that anyone would vote for that DINO.

  21. rube cretin Says:

    mana…went to your site and it was from a magazine published by the unification church, a real bastion of liberalism.. all that stuff was about an affair her husband had. are you going to hold that against her? what was the crime in travel gate? former independent counsel Joseph DiGenova investigation. you are kidding aren’t you? the joe and victoria team have been whores for the right wing republicans for years. witness the most recent involvement of victoria in the plame gate affair. my god man if this is your best stuff…..

    “The clintons have always tried to destroy their “detractors” Hillary is paranoid.” Just look at her “right wing conspricy” comments. you damn right they have stood up to lying because they have learned that kool aid drinkers believe this crap. if you don’t believe there is a right wing conspiracy you have not been paying attention. as for hillary being paranoid, i really don’t know, but neither do you and to make such an allegation is interesting. personally, i would be surprised if she were not a little paranoid considering the misrepresentation of the facts which has been thrown at her. fellas, she may not be our next president, but one thing is for sure she is making a hell of a run at it and we guys better get use to the fact that there is going to be a woman president sooner or later. She certainly won’t be any worse than the lying hypocrite currently in the white house. is she my first choice no, my candidate looks like he is not going to make it out of Iowa. i am sick and tired of holding my nose when voting and am trying to find someone viable who i can support. until someone comes up with some straight talk on why hillary is not qualified she is getting my consideration.

  22. rube cretin Says:

    mana.. what is a DINO? something tells its a slander of some sort. if mana doesn’t respond, someone please tell me what a DINO is?

  23. rube cretin Says:

    i found out what a DINO is and am watching the debate. there are at least 5 of these people will make excellent presidents. but i have to admit Hillary is impressive. (she does not talk like a DINO). obama has a good rap. edwards is impressive. biden is very thoughful and on foreign policy well grounded. anyone of them will get will get my vote.

  24. Lisa Says:

    I’m watching it too and if they all had the same voice I would think I was listening to the same person.
    Obama is the best one all the rest is the same ol same ol torture,civil liberties,Bush bashing,blah,blah,blah.

  25. steve Says:

    So they pushed the Leprechaun out of the debate? No news stills of the FLILF candidate then eh? That sucks!

  26. Lisa Says:

    Yeah but she prefers leprechauns Steve…….much older ones.

  27. Christopher Radulich Says:

    Since he wrote it in his book it is not a case of swift boating and he has alreay been attacked for it on fox . How much is it a negative, by my standards none at all. To the best of my knowledge he was never an addict. Never went to drug rrehap.

  28. rube cretin Says:

    Christopher, good observation. i agree “by my standards none at all.” Although , the root cause of this delimna is probably more sinister. unmitigated greed and bigotry are yet to be harnessed. They are running through our society and culture with everything already broke and rapidly decaying, demanding more. it is like an addict demanding a fix. It will lie, steal, and cheat to gain advantage. We must demand the truth when allegations are made. Many are not paying attention and are likely to buy into distortions.

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