The Evolution Of Candidate Huck-A-Bee

veryone seems to be all abuzz over Mike Huckabee and his tremendous rise in the GOP polling. Well before his emergence as a top-tier candidate, Thought Theater suggested he was worth watching and could easily emerge as a formidable candidate.

Now that it seems to have come to pass, I thought it was time to have a little fun at the expense of the former Arkansas governor…especially in light of his background as a Baptist minister. I’ve especially enjoyed the seeming no-holds barred battle being waged by Romney and Huckabee for the souls (code for votes) of evangelical christians.

One has to love when the faithful engage in the politics of piety…a virtual race for the altar. In the wake of George Bush, there seems to be little shame in ranks of the righteous. In fact, they seem convinced that their next president should accede to the bully pulpit and complete the mission of savaging the separation of church and state. Let’s hope the propensity of these fundy GOP voters to perform like a flock of sheep persists…and they hitch their holier than thou wagon to one of these bloviating believers.

If my antennae are right, it may be the perfect storm that sinks the ship of this current iteration of religious extremism and sends the movement (in lockstep like loyal lambs) tumbling off the cliff they so callously cleaved under the tutelage of Karl Rove and his self-anointed antagonists.

I have no doubt that counting these star-struck sheep, in what may be their faith infused finale, will undoubtedly assist me in sleeping like a baby. Let’s hope it happens since the alternative is unthinkable.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the following:


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6 Responses to “The Evolution Of Candidate Huck-A-Bee”

  1. rube cretin Says:

    daniel, i do hope you are correct. I’ve been listening to the conversations of some fundies i know and they are beginning to warm to huckbee. these same folks were not even going to participate in the next elections a few months ago. I’m beginning to feel like i did in 2000 when the unthinkable happened. please don’t overestimate the intelligence of the American public. there are spooks everywhere.

  2. steve Says:

    Huckabee will not win. It will be Romney or Guiliani… Which sucks because I am a Thompson supporter. Thompson needs to get off his wife and onto the campaign trail… But then again… have you seen his wife? He’s blowing it for the country.

    You guys worry too much about Huckabee. If I was a Democrat, I’d worry that you didn’t have enough support behind Obama. Obama is the right guy… Come November, If I have a complete schmuck to vote for on the Republican side, I’d check Obama’s name. (I think he is pro business, so far, which I like… which I liked in Bill Clinton) The schmuck would be Ron Paul… His ideas are credible but he is a bit crazy for me…

    But I am digressing, it’s fun to watch you people too Danny. It’s as entertaining as watching Romney and Huckabee about the whole religion thing. I think I am I am like most Republicans, We don’t care!! But it is fun watching you guys debate on the topic over nothing. Religion has nothing to do with how people vote Republican. For years we’ve heard you guys discuss this evangelical movement behind Bush. But really, how significant is it? Is it as significant as the hatred may be for Edwards or Clinton? I think evangelicals would tolerate Obama because he seems to real and honest and he stands the biggest chance against the Republicans.

  3. Jersey McJones Says:

    Don’t count Huckabee out, Steve. Romney and Giuliani have serious problems with the GOP voter base throughout Jesusland. I’ve followed Huckabee’s career for many years now. He’s a sleeper that may well be president one day. I’ve thought this for a long time, and am not the least surprised by his surge in the polls. The GOP establishment (which you seem to adore) is not a fan of his, though. He is a genuine Christian and the establishment is frightened by that. A president Huckabee may be far more socialistic that the GOP can take, on the other hand, the GOP has failed so miserably at everything they’ve done for so long now, the country may well be ready for a serious course change. Only 36% of voters now label themselves as GOP, while about 50% are calling themselves Dems. An establishment GOP candidate, like Thompson or Giuliani or Romney, may not be able to win the nationals.


  4. me Says:

    I certainly don’t count Huckabee out although, being a Christian in no way requires one to think that big government in a nanny suit is the way to carry out the ideals of Christianity so the fact that Huckabee is a “real” Christian isn’t a big problem with me. It’s the fact that he seems to think that if something is a good thing to do, we must get the government to do it. The two impulses are completely separable and in no way required by a “real” Christian leader. The problem isn’t that Huckabee is a Christian. The problem is that he’s a socialist.

  5. me Says:

    As for electability, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence that ANY of the GOP candidates are electable nationally.

  6. Jersey McJones Says:

    I certainly don’t count Huckabee out although, being a Christian in no way requires one to think that big government in a nanny suit is the way to carry out the ideals of Christianity so the fact that Huckabee is a “real” Christian isn’t a big problem with me.”

    Okay. How about mercenaries? Are mercenaries okay with Christianity? Or hey, how about taxing the wealthy less than the poor? That cool too? How about usury or fraud without penance? How about lying - and lying to go to war? Or restricting civil rights? Or ignoring the responsibilities of the state? Or not forgiving the penitent? Or enforcing a police state for non-violent, victimless crime? Or forcing a woman to give child against her will? Or amassing the greatest killing machine in human history? Or taking the chance of destroying the envronment for no better reason than personal profit? Or arming a society beyond it’s own caopacity to bear arms, ensuring arms fall into the wrong hands both here and abroad? Oh, and how’s that healthcare and education profiteering? Is that good with Christ? Yeah. Right.

    Huckabee barely even touches most of those issues, and when he does, he’s still with you guys. So puh-lease, he’s no big-gov lib and you know it. You’re just afraid that your conservative “values” are immoral, and just maybe some of them Huckabee couldn’t abide..


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