Life On The Campaign Trail Continued: BlueAmerica

When I signed up to work my first campaign I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew that it was time to quit blogging about the poor state of government and to start trying to take a more active roll in fixing it. As fate would have it, I happened to dumb-luck into knowing the perfect Progressive candidate running in my district and offered to help. That’s how I became the Netroots Coordinator for the Alan Grayson campaign in Florida’s 8th district.

People ask me what a Netroots coordinator does and sometimes I have to tell you I have no idea. I write a lot obviously. My address list is getting larger and I spend more time begging people on that list to take five minutes out of their day to volunteer their time, talents or money Every chance I take to promote Alan I do, because I feel that he is the kind of candidate that the country should rally around. He doesn’t just talk progressive, he is progressive. He is a pro-peace, pro-choice, pro-union candidate in an area ripe for that kind of message and a country who needs that kind of leadership.


Still, it has been daunting. There is always this sense that maybe I’m in over my head or that I won’t be able to convey what kind of candidate Alan really is to my friends and peers in the blogging world. I know I want to wax on and on about Alan’s accomplishments, and he has many. That doesn’t mean anyone else cares. After all, it is just one race out of hundreds and most people won’t bother to get involved right?

What amazes me about working for Alan is that people around the country do care. They are rallying to help. It’s not always easy getting your foot in the door, but once I have people have responded well. Perhaps nothing illustrates that better than Alan being selected for the Crooks & Liars, Firedoglake, Digby, Down With Tyranny joint ActBlue project, BlueAmerica.

I originally wrote to the respective blogs that make up BlueAmerica to introduce Alan to them. I was nervous. That’s actually an understatement, I was scared of rejection. I also had pretty low expectations (I’ve sent enough blog articles to all of them to know not to get my hopes up *G*).

Within hours Jane from FDL, John from C&L and Howie Klein from Down with Tyranny all wrote me back. All of them were positive. All of them wanted to know more.

I felt like I had just aced my SAT’s.

I’ve spent the last month working with Howie to answer his questions about Alan. I have to say, he asks some hard questions. Non-progressive Democrats need not apply. In the end, we must have passed muster because today Alan is the special guest at Firedog Lake (2PM EST, 11AM PST). It’s your chance to meet Alan and see first-hand why I think he is an exceptional candidate an an exceptional person. Take the time to see why some of the biggest voices in our community are excited by Alan. If you do, if you take a few minutes out of your day to just give him a listen, I know you will come away impressed.

I know I did. That’s why I’m volunteering on the campaign. I know BlueAmerica did, that’s why they are putting their reputations behind him. I have to think you will too.

PS - I still feel over my head way to often in this job. It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve done. Standing up to make a difference in the way our country is run is an experience I’ll remember forever. You should try it someday if you haven’t. I’m happy I did.

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