Now That’s Just Nasty

Is there anybody this Ho won’t schlep with? I don’t know about you, but when somebody has it in for my family, does everything in their considerable power to destroy everything we’ve worked to achieve, does it publically and does it dirty, I would NOT be pals. I would not forget, and I damn sure wouldn’t pander.

Of course, I’m not Hillary Clinton. The picture is priceless.
That’s Richard Mellon Scaife! Yesterday! Jeebus, I need a shower after looking at that. For those with short memories, Scaife was THE MAN orchestrating the Clinton attacks. From Salon, 4/7/1998:

The man whom Time magazine, in its latest issue, calls “the ultimate patron” of the Clinton haters has been identified by Salon and the New York Observer as a key funder of the $2.4 million Arkansas Project, a four-year effort organized through the American Spectator magazine to discredit the president. Scaife foundation money, as Salon has reported, has also allegedly been used to pay key Whitewater witness David Hale and to help bankroll Paula Jones’ sexual harassment case against Clinton. — Salon

First Rush Limbaugh, then FOX, and now Scaife? This is the campaign of a progressive Democrat? Hanging and banging with the sleaze? Oh, HELL no. This is the act of an incredible selfishness; winning is more important that what is to be won. Electing Hillary means not only that NOTHING will change in terms of the corruption in high levels of American Government, but that Hillary sold the Dems to the Conservative movement to win.

They will own us.

You see, it’s not just that Scaife masterminded the Clinton attacks; he’s been the major player in the Conservative end game for more that forty years. FORTY.

In fact, Scaife’s part in the Clinton chronicles represents the second time that he has been a secretive major player in efforts to profoundly alter the course of politics and public policy in America. In the 1970s, his money fueled the “New Right” movement that sought to replace the perceived “liberal establishment” in Washington and the media with a new, conservative order. — Salon

Scaife became the primary founder of the “New Right”, bankrolling a big chunk of the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks whose purpose was to sell the conservative platform to congress and voters.

Other Scaife-funded groups dedicated themselves to watch-dogging the media, training federal judges in conservative economics and litigating on behalf of causes such as opening up federal lands to oil and gas exploration. At the same time, Scaife gave generously to candidates who believed in these policies, a two-pronged strategy that proved triumphant in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan. – Salon

On Clinton bashing, Scaife’s name is attached to bankrolling the Vince Foster conspiracy theories, financing the Paula Jones publicity (everything from buying her lawyers to advising her), paying for investigations into Bill Clinton’s drug use, and giving a million plus to Pepperdine University to fund a new public policy school, and putting KEN STARR in as its dean. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever get clean either.

What on God’s green earth is Hillary doing with Scaife? According to the National Review:

…here is a photo from Hillary Clinton’s visit today to the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. In this picture, she is seen talking to none other than Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the paper and the man who once said that the death of Vincent Foster was the “Rosetta stone” of the Bill Clinton administration. (He also funded the so-called “Arkansas Project” at The American Spectator.) We’ve heard reports of a rapprochement between Scaife and the Clintons of late, and the Pennsylvania primary is fast approaching, but this is still a pretty striking picture. Byron York, The National Review

Hillary is willing to bend over for the conservative machine that has brought this country into a recession, reduced our dollar to toilet paper, gave us a debt load to China that compromises our world standing, stuck us in a five year illegal war, spies on the citizenry, strips the constitution, ignores laws passed by congress, castrates the judicial and legislative branches, manipulates the media through denial of access, blows off treaties on a whim, and lies, and lies and lies. She is sucking up to the people who crucified her family. Why would we think she would stand up for us?

Winning Pennsylvania is enough of a reason for Hillary. Is it enough for you?

It is not enough for me. I’m not willing to have my country sold down the river for ego. I don’t want a leader willing to do whatever it takes to win, including sleeping with their enemies. I crave principled leadership. Dean needs to end this now. This election is a crossroads. We either turn away from people like Scaife and Clinton, or we shred our democracy and the Democratic Party. We can’t have both, and no matter how convincing they lie about it, at the end of the day, it’s still bullshit

 Pick up your shovels, America.

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  1. Dusty Says:

    Sweet Jaysus in a is she doing? Talk about the hell does that idiot Carville explain THIS one?

    I will be linking to this assured that I will do what I can to get the word out Jet. Thank you for this post.

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