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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Pundits are idiots. I’ve spent a lot of time on blogs, opining, then vigorously defending said opine, and never have I assumed that just because I said something, it must be so. I take my readers seriously. They are investing time in our argument, and even if they piss me off to the point I have to step away for a moment and regroup, the real reason we’re here, the exchange of ideas and information, is being served. Some bloggers aspire to be pundits. They aren’t there to argue, they are there to inform that their weighty opinion matters, and that of their reader does not. Really? Honey, it y’all were all that, you’d have jobs as analysts.

These days, our news media loves pundits. In the fast slide from fact based journalism to political columnist, we suffer through media dictatorship. Our information is filtered through somebody else’s parameters, blared like so much propaganda, and leaves the average intelligent adult nonplussed.

Take Iowa and New Hampshire, for example. At the conclusion of the Iowa caucus, Obama sported a 10 point lead. He’s off to a good start. His campaign strategy on the ground worked in Iowa. Clinton’s did not. Edwards did well, considering he is less well funded. These are the facts.

Instead we hear Clinton is one step from out. Obama is the new inevitable winner. The race is now between Edwards and Obama. Obama can’t lose in NH. Blah, blah, blah, BS-cakes.

Yesterday in NH, Clinton won by 3 points. People in that state responded better to Clinton’s campaign. They also responded well to Obama’s, but in slightly smaller numbers. Edwards came off with a third place, and needs to do well in Nevada and South Carolina to keep his campaign on track. Somebody in NH had heard of Kucinich. These are also the facts.

Instead we get that Clinton’s victory is a stunner. That her campaign is no longer dead. That Obama is on the hot seat and Edwards is dead. That, well, we don’t know a damn thing, but when has that stopped us from telling you what we think you should think?

The heart of the matter is drive and money. Facts are stubborn little buggers, they take time and patience to procure. They require ability; you have to want to dig them out. Espousing an educated guess, or worse, just what you think will sell a paper, requires little ability and even less character. Yet, are the papers selling? Uh, no. What they offer is readily available on blogs, with the added bonus of human interaction and argument, something Americans love.

This country was founded on an argument, and we’ve argued ever since. We believe that it’s the only way to rip off the fluff and find the prize: truth. We like truth. From childhood we’ve believed it should be self-evident. This is so ingrained in our national ideal of what it is to be American, that we are having a hard time collectively, watching our national psyche tarnish on the international stage. In our gut, we crave shining beacon status.

This is one reason why newspapers are failing. The time for filling space with speculation and expecting people to believe it is over. Thanks to blogs, we all have our places where we can go and read the ridiculous, the inspiring, and the original thoughts of our peers. We know this medium well; we tap it daily. We don’t need punditocracy disguised as journalism.

We need facts. More importantly, we need a media infrastructure that supports, protects and holds high expectation for factual journalistic endeavor. We need tough questions and good editing. They need to stop sucking the profit pipe to the point that the whole reason for the industry is bastardized.

There are 48 states to go; you’d never know it, based on what you read today. That, my friends, is a very sad fact.

Des Moines Register excluding Kucinich from final Iowa debate

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

And they are doing it on a lousy technicality:

He didn’t open an office in the state with paid employees..only volunteers apparently. But Keyes was allowed in the Rethug debate yesterday? Hell I didn’t even know that fuckwit was running, although according to Eugene Robinson last night on Countdown Keyes runs every election cycle for President..its his only job apparently. Back to my man Kucinich, his office released the following statement regarding the horseshit excuse given him by the idiots in Iowa:

“The Iowa caucuses have been portrayed as having national implications, and if the Register has decided to use hair-splitting technicalities to exclude the leading voice of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, then the entire process is suspect,”

Call or email the Des Moines register and voice your complaint. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Kucinich, he is the only voice of the progressives in this Presidental election cycle. He shouldn’t be uninvited. According to NYTexan, the paper is being flooded with calls by irate voters that want to hear ALL the Democratic candidates.

the Des Moines Register’s top officials, including editor Carolyn Washburn (515) 284-8502.

Laura Hollingsworth President and Publisher (515) 284-8041
Randy Brubaker Managing Editor (515) 284-8590
Randy Evans Assistant Managing Editor (515) 284-8118

The Des Moines Register letters to the editor e-mail:
Telephone switchboard
Local: (515) 284-8000
Iowa: (800) 532-1455
Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5346

Edit: from one of my commenters on Sirens Chronicles, we get their advertisers info:

CALL advertisers off their web site. Be polite, ask to speak to the sales, general
manager or person in charge of advertising. Object to their advertising in
a paper that would include Keyes in the Republican debate, but exclude

Des Moines Chrysler Plymouth (515) 270-8100
Charles Gabus Ford 800 742 6403
Karl Chevrolet, Ankeny, Iowa 800 622 8264
Business Furniture Warehouse 515.254.9091
Prudential First Realty Phone: (515) 453-7200
Village of Pondersa 515.440.2222
McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. (CPA’s)
515-288-3279 - 515-462-1882

If you are feeling REALLY frisky, go into classified ads and contact people who have something for sale and object to them advertising in the paper. IT WORKS. They call the paper back and say WTF?

The best Presidential Forum you haven’t heard about.

Friday, December 7th, 2007

On Saturday December 1st, 3600 individuals braved the nasty weather in Des Moines IA to attend a forum. This forum was special in the fact that the everyday people would be able to ask five of the Democratic Presidential candidates questions that mattered to them. The Democrats who showed up were: John Edwards, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton and my pick for President, Representative Dennis Kucinich. Only Hillary phoned it in, unable for some reason to attend in person.


The Heartland Presidential Forum has received scant notice, hell NO notice by the MSM…which shouldn’t surprise us, but it should piss us off. This Forum was unique in that the questions weren’t filtered through a cadre of network heads like CNN, MSNBC or Fox Noise. Real Americans asked their real questions and voiced their real concerns to the candidates. The Forum was sponsored by community groups across the nation. It should be noted that the Republican candidates were also invited, but only one of them accepted the invitation. The forum lawyers ruled that to only allow one Republican to attend might appear to be an illegal political endorsement and therefore he was not allowed to attend.


This wonderful forum allowed everyday Americans to address the candidates of their choice directly on the stage, face to face. The entire video of the event can be seen at or portions can be watched on their YouTube channel. The one MSM writeup I could find was the San Francisco Chronicle. Below are some of the individuals and their stories they highlighted from the event:


Erica Fernandez, a 17-year-old student from Ventura County, spoke eloquently of her community’s struggle against the siting of a liquefied natural gas facility - and asked John Edwards to address questions of environmental justice (the first time I’ve heard the issue raised at the presidential level).


Patricia Divine Wilder, a small business owner from Walla Walla, Wash., spoke to Hillary Clinton, choking back her own tears (and ours) as she struggled through a story of a nephew whose recurrent neck pains went unaddressed because he lacked health insurance. When he finally broke down and saw a doctor, it turned out to be inoperable lung cancer. Clinton responded at length about the arcane details of her health care plan - and was then cut off for exceeding time limits so that she could hear from an undocumented immigrant student. Identified by first name only, she noted that she had graduated at the top of her high school class, is two years away from finishing a B.A. in education, and will never be able to teach. Following her, Larry Ginter, a white family farmer from Iowa, pleaded that “to save our national soul, we have to stop treating immigrants like common criminals.” Echoing the theme, Tam Tran from Los Angeles told Dennis Kucinich her tale: she and her family fled from Vietnam, were rescued by a German boat, and came to the United States when she was 6. Now the United States wants to deport her - to Germany - and agents have followed up by raiding her parents’ mobile home two months ago.


And Barack Obama found himself floored by Dedra Lewis from Springfield, Mass. She recounted her shock when her 10-year-old daughter, Alexsiana, developed a sight-threatening eye condition - and her relief when the State Children’s Health Insurance (SCHIP) program threatened by President Bush’s veto pen had saved her when she lost her job and her private insurance. Alexsiana was there - she and Obama exchanged hugs and quiet words before he went on to outline his health care plan.


There are many more stories like these on the pages of the SFChron writeup as well as the writeup by the MovementVisionLab author Sally Kohn who calls these folks this years swing voters in her article. There were white folks, brown folks and black folks that brought their issues to the Presidential candidates. Many of the stories rang true for me or people I know and love. I would like to suggest you watch the entire presentation, but if you don’t at least watch some of the YouTube video’s of the speakers and the candidates response, it will make you proud to be an American least it did me.


We need more of these types of events for the candidates, where the questions are asked by those who will be voting for our next President. Nothing was canned or phony to me, it was genuine concern based in living a life in these here United States. The American’s were from all walks of life, investors, farmers, undocumented immigrants who have worked hard to make a life here and still fear being deported. Single mothers who worry about making ends meet and feeding their children every day. I could go on and on..but hopefully you get my point dear reader. So watch our Americans in action and how the candidates responded to them.

Do yourself that favor today ok?


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